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Tekran Service Training

Control Analytics, Inc. is excited to offer the Tekran Service Training Course at our new Training Facility in Export, PA. The course is designed to educate technicians and engineers on the operation and application details of the 3300 series CMM. Theories of operation, measurement concepts, overall technical operation of the components, sampling strategies and system troubleshooting will be covered. In addition, documentation will be distributed and discussed, along with a software simulator for each attendee to take home. Chuck McDonald, Tekran’s Director of Services and Customer Support, will lead the training sessions.

Operator Training Agenda:

Tekran Service Training at Control Analytics, Inc., Export, PA

• Mercury Monitoring Fundamentals
o Regulatory Concerns and Reasons for Monitoring
o Explanation of Mercury Species
o Mercury Mitigation
•Technical Overview
o Discussion of major components
• 2537A Analyzer theory of operation
o 2537A Analyzer sample flow
o 2537A Analyzer mechanical layout
o Gold Cartridge functionality
o Internal Permeation Source functionality
o 2537A Detector Discussion
o Analyzer Menu Discussion

• 3310 Calibration Unit Discussion
o Calibrator Process Flow
o Calibrator Mechanical Layout
• 3315 Calibration Unit
o Reagent Vaporization
o Calibrator Mechanical layout
• 3320 Sample Conditioner Discussion
o Sample Conditioner Process Flow
• 3342 Filter Probe and 3340 Probe Controller or 3330 Inertial Probe
o Probe Process Flow
o Probe Mechanical Layout

DAY THREE (1/2 Day)
• System Subcomponents
o 1302 Heated Line
o 1304Air Filtration System
o 1306 DI Water System
• System Electrical and Plumbing Discussion
• Site Requirements

Registration Information

The cost for the training is TBD per person, which includes registration, training, all course materials including take-home workbook, and catered lunch (3 days) with daily coffee/snack breaks. Please call 1-800-240-8619 to reserve your space, as class sizes are restricted.