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Testo 340 Portable 4 Gas Combustion Analyzer

testo 340Rising fuel costs for thermal systems indicate the need for efficiency monitoring that utilizes emission measurements. A practical, easy-to-use emission analyzer for a variety of applications is the ideal solution. The Testo 340 Portable 4 Gas Combustion Analyzer is equipped with an O2 sensor as standard. Three additional gas sensors can be individually configured at any time so your analyzer is optimally adapted to your measurement job.

Compact design combined with reliable engineering makes the Testo 340 ideal for commissioning, service and maintenance work, as well as measurements for monitoring purposes of industrial burners, stationary industrial engines, gas turbines and thermal processes.

 These analyzers feature:

  • Pre-calibrated “plug & play“ sensors
  • 3 sensors freely selectable (for O2 standard, a second sensor must be fitted) CO, CO low, NO, NO low, NO2 and SO2
  • Pressure-/ flow-measurement standard in every Testo 340
  • Measurement range extension for Single dilution slot or optional for all sensors
  • Automatic flow-controlled gas pump
  • Modular gas sampling probes
  • Internal data logging
  • Option: Data transfer and real-time-analyzer-control via Bluetooth® module and software Easy-Emission
  • 18 standard fuels and additional 10 user-defined fuels with fuel data calculated using software Easy-Emission

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