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Landfill Monitoring

Introducing the Model AB-100 Wall Mount Continuous Landfill and Bio-gas Monitoring System


The Control Analytics, Inc. Model AB-100 is designed to monitor oxygen (O2), methane (CH4) and/or carbon dioxide (CO2) in recovered gases from landfill and bio-gas operations. The system employs state-of-the-art IR Technology for methane and CO2 analysis and includes options for long life electrochemical O2 or more robust non-depleting paramagnetic O2 detectors.

This system includes fast response and a robust sample system, including continuous moisture removal without the need for thermoelectric coolers. The dual stage moisture removal employs both compression and permeation drying for handling samples with moistures up to a predetermined amount by volume. A high moisture option is available for moisture contents to 30% by volume.

The standard system includes auto calibration, which is programmable by the user on the instrument LCD display panel. An option can be purchased to provide internal span calibrations, ensuring that the only calibration gas needed to operate the system is compressed nitrogen.

Also included is an optional H2S filter for use in high H2S applications.

The system is supplied for use in general purpose electrical classifications or can be purchased in a Class 1 Division 2 Groups B-C-D configuration without the need for a Z purge system. This eliminates the need for compressed air in these applications.

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