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Ambient Air Quality Systems


Ambient air quality systems are some of the most common monitoring systems in the world. Control Analytics, Inc. offers devices to protect against dangerous gases that are often found in the chemical processing, metalworking and waste management industries. The stationary ambient monitoring devices warn of hydrogen, oxygen or toxic gases while controlling the concentration of these gases in the ambient air. Acoustic and visual alarms are activated when gases exceed preset limits.

Included in our line of ambient analyzers is the Teledyne API Series. These analyzers can be fully integrated into a custom ambient system or an existing ambient air quality system. This system is shipped fully plumbed, wired and checked for immediate installation.


  • EPA certified analyzers
  • Model T200 or T200U Chemiluminescence NOx, NO, NO2
  • Model T100 or T100U UV Fluorescence SO2
  • Model T400 UV Absorption O3
  • Model T300 or T300U Gas Filter Correlation CO
  • Model 701 or 701H Zero Air System
  • Model T700 or T700U Dynamic Dilution Calibrator
  • Sample manifold
  • System cabinet with wire trays, circuit breaker, exhaust manifold and ventilation fans
  • Certified Calibration Cylinders including regulators
  • Data Acquisition System


  • Model 602 BetaPLUS Particle Measurement System
  • VOC Analyzer
  • Model T101 UV Fluorescence H2S Analyzer
  • Model T201 Chemiluminescence NH3 Analyzer

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