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dataTaker Universal Data Loggers

datataker-dt80Industry runs on information. Control Analytics, Inc. carries CAS Dataloggers products, including dataTaker Universal Dataloggers. These units can be used for local data acquisition and logging when connected to a PC, including remote unattended data collection through the internet or modem to a centralized computer, or when used a stand-alone unit.

dataTaker Universal Dataloggers can be used for many types of input signals and records, including voltage, temperature, 4-20mA loops, current, bridges, resistance, frequency, strain gauges, and serial, calculated and frequency measurements. Their powerful programming and alarm capabilities enable them to initiate actions and process measurements on their own.

Features include RS232 with modem support, USB memory ports, and Ethernet ports, and can be connected remotely, through the internet, or locally. Web users can configure the dataTaker, access current measurements as mimics or a list on a web browser, and view logged data. Data can be provided via FTP through a mobile phone network or internet with no specific host software or polling.

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