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Control Analytics is proud to announce a new partnership with Brand-Gaus

MODEL 9705 Gas Monitor

The Brand-Gaus SCR NOx-O2 Monitor is designed specifically for use as a NOx monitor at the inlets and outlets of selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR’s) on coal-fired combustion sources. The close-coupled, flange-mounted analyzer is capable of simultaneously measuring nitric oxide (NOx) and oxygen (O2) concentrations of a coal-fired process in the presence of ammonia. The SCR NOx-O2 Monitor can measure real-time NOx and O2 levels at SCR inlets for feed-forward control and SCR outlets for feedback (trim) control of ammonia injection systems.  Read More……

Model 4710 Oxygen Analyzer

Precise, Compact, Rugged Oxygen Measurement High performance and robust operation make the 4710 a great alternative to conventional zirconium oxide and paramagnetic oxygen analyzers in both process control applications and conventional extractive CEMS.

Building upon the success of our Model 4705, the Brand-Gaus Model 4710 Oxygen Analyzer is the ideal choice for measuring oxygen concentrations in the most demanding monitoring applications.  Read more…..


To find the Regional Sales Manager in your area, visit our territory page or call the main office at 1-800-240-8619. Our knowledgeable sales and service staff are happy to assist you with any questions.