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Ambient Air Systems and Near Roadside Monitoring

ambient-air-monitoring_0Ambient Air System Design & Configuration

Control Analytics, Inc. offers turnkey solutions for Near Roadside Monitoring, Fence Line and Ambient Air Systems. Over 35 million people currently live near major roads in the US, and are in danger of increased health problems from the air quality. Common illnesses include a decrease in lung function and increases in asthma and cardiovascular conditions.



Control Analytics, Inc. provides over 25 years of experience, and our trained technicians are experienced in integrating and engineering systems that meet your monitoring needs. We also have a large supply of spare parts on-hand to keep your system up and running.

We pride ourselves in our integration and engineering of the latest, most effective range of Ambient Air Systems for a full range of approved Trace Level Analyzers in addition to particulate instruments, PM10, PM2.5, DR DAS, and Data Acquisition Systems. These help your facility, State, or Federal agency to monitor air quality effectively with fast repair or replacement time. Near Roadside Monitoring systems can be configured for NAAQS Monitoring, Ambient Air Quality Research, and Industrial Fence Line Monitoring.

If you are tracking weather, a popular line of weather station sensors and weather stations carried by Control Analytics are manufactured by Casella. Long-term, short-term, and continuous emissions systems are available for use in environments that may contain NOx, CO, O3, TRS, PM10, SO2, CO2, H2S, NH3 and PM2.5.

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