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Control Analytics, Inc. is a representative, distributor and integrator of on-line process monitors, environmental analyzers and systems for industrial use. Specialties include Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (for EPA reporting), process monitoring, pure water monitoring solutions to major electric utilities and manufacturing clients, safety and industrial hygiene and Ambient Air Monitoring. Proficient, effective monitoring systems are critical to safety and regulatory observance. Read more


The MAX300-RTG, environmental gas analyzer, provides a rapid, speciated analysis of vent gas composition that many refineries are currently using for EPA compliance.

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Celebrating more than 28 Years of Analyzer Expertise

EPA ( RSR ) 40 CFR 63

Deadline is January 30, 2019

January 30, 2019 is the compliance deadline for the latest update to the US EPA Refinery Sectory Rule (RSR). This will require additional monitoring and gas analysis when regulated material is sent to the flare.

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